Our CSR Mission

  • We believe in building a home for the future as well as today. That’s why we have partnerships to ensure we are also building a workforce for just that same reason.
  • Our passion for Construction is not limited to the planning and building. Our personal CSR mission is to recruit more individuals from a BAME backgrounds, to hire more locally impacting Section106, and to give back using apprenticeships and upskilling for our future workforce.
  • We have access to an Academy, where we are using a number of people in apprenticeships in Bricklaying, Drylining and Carpentry; with the support of partnerships like Cerberus UK, YouthBuild and more. These partnerships can make fantastic impacts, including locations, but also those from Care, exMilitary, ex-Offenders, and Youth.
  • We do these programmes because we want to. But it there is a particular challenge we can support – contact us and we’ll make it work!